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Dawn Patrol – Tuesday 18th October

These bright and beautiful Autumn mornings will soon be lost to us in the darkness of Winter, so all the more important to enjoy them while they last. Also its getting very nippy outside- in the sunshine things are fine but if you so much as step into a shadow your blood will run cold.

However my numb fingers were still able to operate a camera (I’ve had practice) and snap some lovely images. Further lovely images can be found on Britta’s blog.

Again proving that Derby is in some kind of space-time vortex of weirdness, we carried on round and found ourselves on Raynesway outside Rolls-Royce where they were adding an extension. Or something.

This look luverry for guests and that.

As you can see, it looks very modern…if this were the 1970s! BOOSH! Seriously though, its good to see that RR actually has the money to spend on new buildings, seeing as it will soon be nearly the only thing we have left in the city.

It is sad I can’t think of my adopted home now without worrying so acutely about its future…all the country’s future, in fact. No more industry and no possibly no more arts…

On that point (and I will be labouring this one) remember everyone to visit, join and follow the Save Derby Arts group on Facebook, get to know the awful, badly thought out policies here (check out pages 58 and 59 especially, cos that document is LOOOOOOOOWNG).

Take care, and make way for film!

– Spekti


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